Artist Statement


At the heart of it, I’m a storyteller. Painting is like therapy. When I enter the studio wrapped in my emotional blanket, it’s as if in that moment, the external world disappears. There is only my experience and I’m jazzed to share that story.

Here’s where I start: I have tables in my studio covered with plastic so I have a huge palette. I scribble, write, and play with paint as ideas and medium spill over each other in their excitement to be heard until my entire life becomes a giant palette. As I paint, I respond to my internal world and when the painting begins to talk to me, my internal experience shifts, which then spills onto the canvas. It comes alive.

My abstracts are representative of the internal landscapes of my emotions and faraway memories. Color and shapes tell those stories. My figures are friends who remind me: We are protected. We are safe. We are connected. We’re so OK!

Some days I can’t get the paint on the canvas fast enough as I spill over with energy. Other days I don’t feel so okay, so I paint not okay. Then my paintings emerge from the creative soup to remind me that I’ve misplaced the truth: that we are always okay and anything else is simply the story of the moment. I paint on canvases as large as 6×6 feet! Painting this big is a very tactile experience. It allows my figures to dance right off the canvas and into my life -no hesitancy or fear, vulnerable and accepting, knowing that the universe is holding us. In the end, my work is about my strong desire to connect with others in a visual way in hopes that my story might inspire, enlighten or awaken others to their own stories.

After all, we are all storytellers.