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Follow your heart,
it knows the way

Enter Jeanne’s World

(If you dare)

If you’re here, you get it…I’m an artist.

When I say those words, I pretty much mean to the core. I could not watch the guys installing my concrete driveway without running into the house and getting some glass tiles for them to embed into the surface….so yeah, I’m an artist.

Poke around.  Get familiar. I hope my art moves you.

Cuz I’m aiming for your heart.

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557515_10151673417039426_855889523_nI have a little club.

Members of this club get access to a slew of coolness, free things, offers for special editions…and telepathic wonderment.
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These are the super cool places in addition to my actual studio where you can stand in front of my art and maybe even touch it. Tell the gallery I said it was O.K.

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Originals …the big bang, the poof of inspiration, the wow, holy cow, the creme de la creme… this is the real deal. These are gonna blow your socks off.

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