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Bessette Art Pricing

Pricing + Commissions

I know most artists don’t publish pricing. I’m not sure why we started doing that like it’s some big secret and we should not tell you. I love going against the grain. I also love being up front.

My favorite paintbrsuh

My favorite paintbrush

I said this very thing during an artist lecture and an economist stepped up and said that the reason we should not publish our prices is to make you call me. Then I could schmooze and cajole you into loving my art so much that you wouldn’t care what the price is.

“It’s a solid sales technique,” he said.

I humbly disagree and I don’t cajole. Art can be expensive. I get that.

I’d rather you call me because you love what I do, and the uncomfortable bits around asking for my pricing is well in your rearview mirror.

I want you to know up front what you are going to spend to have my heART in your home.

This way, we can get to the best parts of buying my art…the energy, the feelings, and the joy of owning a Bessette.

A quick word about commissions

Commissions are a wonderful way to work more closely with me on something special. They are personal in a super unique way. If you see something that is already sold, if you love something that is the wrong size for your space, if you love a piece but the colors are just not your thing, if you have some meaningful to you wording you would like on a piece….get in touch. I’m always happy to create something just for you.

The Official Bessette Pricing Chart – Originals


12 x 12 560.00
18 x 18 1200.00
20 x 20 1400.00
24 x 24 2600.00
24 x 30 2900.00
24 x 36 3400.00
30 x 30 3400.00
24 x 48 3800.00
30 x 40 3900.00
36 x 36 4400.00
36 x 48 5800.00
40 x 40 5800.00
36 x 60 5900.00
40 x 50 6400.00
48 x 48 6400.00
36 x 72 7200.00
48 x 60 7900.00
48 x 72 8600.00
60 x 60 8900.00
60 x 72 9900.00
72 x 72 11,900.00