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The Bold and Beautiful

The Bold and Beautiful

There is a certain energy about owning one of my originals. I know this because I’m told this by those who purchase my art. It’s as if you are owning a piece of my heart. So much goes into each and every piece. They are quite special and there is nothing like owning the spark of creation. On every level from the sheer depth of luminosity and texture, to the endless shifts in color and spirit of my work, it’s by far the most luxurious way to experience what I do.

The art that you will find on this page is currently available for purchase. The larger pieces are available by contacting the studio. The smaller pieces and sculptures are instantly available through the magic of e-commerce. Shipping for all art is always free inside the US (please contact the studio for international shipping), cuz that’s just how we roll at Bessette Studios.

Please see our complete pricing list for originals here.