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It takes a special something to become a print at Bessette Studios. First you have to be amazing. You have to speak the language of love. You need to send a special kind of awesome into the world and follow that up with a little glitter and a whole lotta sparkle.

You must be created with the very best archival quality inks and be printed on exotic papers all made with love by a master printer.

Prints offered by Bessette Studios are not available as originals.
These images are specifically chosen and are a special breed, available as limited edition prints only.

(The originals of these sweet prints remain the property of Bessette Studios and are not for sale)

We have stretched Canvas Editions that are micro editions (very small quantities available).

There are only 25 of each size available, and every one is hand embellished by Jeanne. This means she actually adds paint to the print, and unique additions make every single one an original and unique mixed media piece.

We have Paper Editions that are printed on ….

wait for it……

Bamboo paper….that’s right..the stuff soft cuddly bears eat.

Bamboo is luscious, velvety, renewable and oh so luxurious. It’s exotica at its best….and it is kind to our planet.

We like being kind….

Both our bamboo and canvas editions come with a certificate of authenticity, and are hand numbered and signed by the artist.

Special releases of new prints will be offered throughout each year and are of course only available until the edition sells out.

Oh, and by the way, shipping for all art is always free inside the US (please contact the studio for international shipping), cuz that’s just how we roll at Bessette Studios.