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Meet Jeanne

Hi, I’m Jeanne

col-three-jeanne-terryI’ve been told I’m a full pot of coffee, make that espresso… extra sugar.

I’m a realist which to me means I imagine the best, most outrageous life I can imagine, then I go about the business of achieving that life. If I were asked to describe myself in one sentence, I’d probably ask for an extension.

I paint almost every day…

in my studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is literally 25 paces from my back door (less if you have longer legs).

I’m not a native to the South; I’m a repaired New Englander which means I talk to strangers, smile more and grump less, but I still love going home to Rhode Island. It’s where my roots are.

I have an organic garden. I’ve been living mostly harmoniously with the same person for 20ish years and I have a simple but full life.

My favorite color is purple…

to the point of ridiculous. When I put my purple Doc Martens on, I think I have super powers. I love strawberries and caramel candy apples…not so much chocolate. I know! Can we still be friends? I’m a really good golfer.  I’m a wine snob, a total foodie and I cook without recipes. In fact, recipes make me squeamish.

I work with the coolest people ever…

I’ve been featured in several articles and magazines including landing on the cover of Art Business News as one of the top fifty artists to watch (I’m proud of that…so is my mom). I am now internationally collected and recognized in six countries. My list of  collectors includes some very prominent and rather famous people in the world.

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LEFT: Jeanne and Dr. Richard and Jeanne Besser | RIGHT: Jeanne and Bob Warden

If you love my art and it lights up your heart, I’ve hit my mark. Check out some of the other pages, especially my art…it’s my best self.

Read on to find out how in the world I got like this!


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