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What it’s like to participate in a Bessette Workshop…and what to expect

Bessette workshops are like no other art workshop you will attend. Ever. They are more like retreats for the artist’s soul. We paint a lot….day and night if you would like. We talk a lot…. about pretty much whatever comes up while you are here.

{If you already know this is totally your thing, jump right to the retreats and dates.}

We dig into the soul of your work and find the next level of you.

We talk a lot about the “why” of the work you create. We spend time playing, messing things up, exploring, learning, dancing, laughing, crying (yep, some do that), diving deep into you.

workshopI tend to teach to the rhythm of the room, which means I feel my way to the heart of you – what you need, what you desire in your work, what you feel is important to take your work to the next level for you.

The groups are small…never more than 10, but usually 7 or 8 ish…

There is great food, wine, and cookouts, firewalks (occasionally), campfires, soul searching, journaling, support, business talk and lots of it for those who desire strong careers in art.

The only thing you need to bring to these retreats is your desire to know more…more about you, an open heart and some of your favorite supplies for your craft.

Your travel and stay are up to you. Some artists get together and share rooms and rental cars, etc.

Our days are long and filled.

I do not map out details for people about my workshops because so far every single one has been different in the best possible ways. There is a level of trust that people have that I will deliver what they need. I like it that way. It serves up readiness on the artist’s part to know that they are intuitively in the right place. It also helps me teach better to help you with exactly what you need for your art and your career instead of a cookie cutter teaching curriculum.

That is key to my success as a mentor.

If you are afraid of your bigness, hate having fun, need lots of details to make a decision, or need lots of mapped out curriculum, these retreats are not for you.

If however, the sound of this makes your cells vibrate to a “hell yes“…then…I’m your teacher. Step aboard.

Bessette Studios Upcoming Retreats


Bessette Flagship Retreats
Bessette “Flagship” retreats are offered at Bessette Studios in Raleigh, NC and are from three to six days (usually four days) for up to ten artists, and include lots of art making time. Painters, sculptors, mixed media artists, and assemblage artists are all welcome. Techniques are taught, but these are not technique-driven retreats. Developing a deeper relationship with your work is the goal, along with as much business wisdom as we can squeeze into our time together. Beginners to advanced artists are welcome.
Abstract Immersion Retreats
The “Abstract Immersion” retreats are to help artists who want to develop better skills in creating abstract work. They are geared toward non-representational art making, and include direction in color, impact, line and composition, to help each artist develop a deeper more cohesive understanding of what makes a great abstract. These are open to beginners to advanced artists.
The Annual Beginner Retreat
Once a year I hold a beginner retreat for beginner artists only. This is a heavily technique-driven workshop with instruction and demos teaching beginner artists skills to enhance their confidence.
Soul of the Artist Retreats
I hold longer, more intensive retreats for up to six days for artists who want to develop an even deeper understanding of the work they make. These “Soul of the Artist” retreats are geared toward the more advanced artist who wants to deepen their understanding of their work, develop a stronger relationship with their art and build strong business steps for achieving a high level of success.

Bessette Retreats often sell out very quickly, so if you would like more information or want to be put on a waiting list for possible cancellations to receive first notice when we announce a new retreat, please email Jeanne at jeanne@BessetteArt.com.

2016 Workshops

Mar 14-18
Permission Retreat
Sorry, this one’s sold out.
April 25-29
Flagship Retreat
Yikes, this one’s sold out too!
July 14-17
Portal of Creation Special Workshop
Private group

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