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Why I Paint

How I’m changing the world

Here’s where I’m supposed to tell you what moves me to paint.

Mirada portraitIt’s generally called an “artist statement”. It’s my big why...why I paint what I paint and maybe how I paint.

Creating an artist statement can paralyze the most talented artist because writing an artist statement is sharing our souls in a way that is vulnerable and almost too succinct to describe the depths of why we create. As for me, I’m a bit of a storyteller and I love words.

For the sake of the challenge, just for a minute, and to help you know me and my art a little better, I’ll write a short and pungent artist statement.

Stay with me…I might take you closer to my heart.

Here’s where it gets serious…

My work is inspired by life…the us that is us….and by a deep calling to delve deeply into my emotions.

I’m compelled to find a way to share what I feel on the canvas, taking the intangible parts of our humanness and making them tangible.

993330_606173099403742_524863864_nI paint  in abstraction (not so big art word) often, but not always, depicting the human form in whimsical or dreamy ways. My art is often described as moving or emotional, deep and thoughtful, inspirational and even transformational.

I call myself a bold colorist which means color is my language and I use it to translate my feelings. I work very quickly and intuitively reacting to each stroke as if the canvas is speaking to me directly. I paint layer after layer sometimes exposing what is underneath in order to create portals of light and mystery. I paint mostly with my hands although I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal. I love texture and find ways to create unusual surfaces.

I was sharing my dilemma with my sister about writing the artist statement and how hard it can be to translate what I do into words….in her infinite wisdom…she quietly said….

“In the end, all people really need to know is that they love it.”

I think she is right.

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